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C.J.Tree Surgeons are a local family run business covering Droitwich and the local surrounding areas. We offer a professional tree care and tree surgeon service. This includes tree cutting and thinning, dead wooding and tree removal. We’re very proud of our reputation, please read our customer testimonials and reviews. We offer free quotations and estimates, we take safety very seriously and are fully insured. Once we’ve completed a project we clear away all rubbish, leaving you to enjoy your garden!

Our Tree Surgeon Services include:

If you’re based in the Droitwich area and are looking for local, professional tree care specialists we can help!

CJ Tree Surgeons Droitwich

Droitwich Tree Surgeons

We are a family run team of specialist tree surgeons and arborists covering Droitwich and the surrounding Worcestershire area. Our services are centered around tree and hedge cutting, we cover everything from formative pruning through to the dismantling and felling of larger trees. We are fully qualified and insured and always remove and dispose of all garden waste on completing a project. Below is a list of some of the services we offer. For a free estimate please get in touch!

Crown Raising

Crown raising involves the removing of the lower branches of a tree to increase the space under the tree. This is sometimes necessary for access purposes where you need extra space to pass under or park beneath a tree. Crown raising or ‘crown lifting’ and the trimming of foliage for the remaining branches reduces the weight from a tree which means it may lift up naturally. It also allows more light to pass through, especially important for properties which suffer from poor lighting because of large trees.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an important part of tree maintenance and reduces the shape and size of the tree. Foliage is cut from the outer edge into the crown and cuts are made close to a partnering limb or to a bud to reduce the risk of disease or limbs dying off. Crown reduction reduces the weight of the tree and can prevent dangerous snapping in poor and windy weather conditions. We are happy to make recommendations for the percentage of reduction required. Our priority is ensuring the health of the tree is maintained whilst achieving the best structural and aesthetic results.

Tree Removal

Prior to tree removal we will assess the tree and it’s environment and establish the best method to fell the tree safely and to avoid damage to the surrounding areas. Tree felling may be required where a tree is diseased or damaged and where other pruning techniques are not viable or where a tree is causing damage to surrounding property. We can also help with tree stump removal and stump grinding.

Dead Wooding

This the removal of dead branches from a tree without which the dead wood is likely to break off or may become dangerous. Removing the dead wood reduces the weight of the tree and therefore the risk of limbs falling or breaking off in storms or strong winds. If dead wooding is not carried out then as well as the safety aspect there’s also the risk to the health of the tree. Dead wood can also attract pests and disease which could spread to the remaining healthy areas of the tree.

Tree Thinning

Branches can be removed from within the crown of the tree to make it appear less dense. We can also help with tree shaping.

Hedge Cutting Droitwich

Hedge maintenance and trimming is generally carried out between the spring and summer months. Long standing and established Hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. For formal hedges we recommend more frequent trimming than informal hedges. Hedge trimming can be carried out to your exact specifications.


Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, and yearly pollarding will restrict the plant to that height.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit tree pruning is the cutting and removing of parts of a fruit tree. It covers a number of horticultural techniques that control growth, remove dead or diseased wood, and stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds.

Stump Grinding Service

Contact James about our permanent tree stump removal services. Our stump grinder can tackle most sizes of tree stump and is small enough to use in domestic gardens and properties.

Please see further examples of CJ Tree Surgeons at work in Our Gallery. Looking for tree surgeons in Redditch, Barnt Green and Bromsgrove? We are fully qualified tree surgeons and tree care specialist covering Droitwich and the local surrounding areas.